Transparent cellophane separator burgers


The cellophane is a pure paper that facilitates the perspiration of the burger and prevents blackening due to lack of oxygenation. Its resistant composition makes more easy the separation from the burger and its transparency allows seeing the product in the supermarket line.

Cellophane in sheets is used in making burgers by manual or semiautomatic machines.

The reel of cellophane is placed in the dispenser of automatic machines and provides high performance in production lines.


DPL Industries has different sizes, the most popular are:

  • 65 mm round cellophane, mini hamburger.
  • 101 mm round cellophane, standard hamburger.
  • 130 mm round cellophane, maxi hamburger.
  • 80x110 mm. Oval cellophane.


  • Compatible with all food forming burger machines.