TAS Superabsorbent pads



In the packaging process, some foods, such as red meat, poultry, pork, fish or some fruits, produce excess of fluid that remains in the tray and causing the deterioration of the state of conservation of food.

Superabsorbent TAS characteristics

For meat or fish packaging processes that require high absorption capacities, we recommend the use our TAS superabsorbent pads, ranging from 4,000 cc / m2 up to 12,000 cc / m2 absorption.

TAS Superabsorbent pads is made from a base of cellulose and copolymers mixed with SAF fibers (super absorbent fibers) and laminated at the top with a PE film.

Health benefit:

Contamination is avoided by the growth of bacteria and microbes. The absorbent pads of DPL Industrias absorb the leftover liquids that the food generates and this drastically reduces the possibility of contamination by bacteria or microbes during the time of packaging.

Best presentation:

Absorbent pads enhance the image of the product at the sales point. The liquid in contact with food deteriorates the condition giving it an unwanted appearance. Neither favors the product image if the liquid appears in the presentation tray.


We adjust the size and the absorption to the aesthetic and functional needs of the product to be packaged. It is served in cut-to-size customer sizes or in reels for automatic production lines and tray manufacturers.